Valentine's Day Weddings at the Courthouse

This Valentine's Day was a special one for many couples who got married at the historic courthouse on the Lawrenceville square. Magistrate Court judges performed marriage and vow renewal services free of charge in the old Justice of the Peace office today

"It's Valentine's Day, and I thought that would be sweet for her," Jody Brookshire said of his reason for choosing to marry his bride, Robin, earlier today.

The bride in question laughed and said, "He's lying! He just wants to have our anniversary be on Valentine's Day so he only has to buy one present!"

Jody and Robin were just one of the many couples who took advantage of the Magistrate Court judges' free Valentine's Day marriage and vow renewal ceremonies at the in Downtown Lawrenceville.

The courthouse was decorated in red and white, traditional Valentine colors, and couples "got hitched" wearing everything from white gowns and suits to faded jeans and t-shirts. 

To Roosevelt Williams and Reba Smith, one of the couples who were married at the courthouse today, the appeal was convenience. "The wedding planning was getting too hectic," Reba said. The couple were married in front of their three children today and planned to have a nice dinner to celebrate the occasion.

Chief Magistrate George Hutchinson was one of the judges performing ceremonies today. "This is a lot of fun," he said.

Ceremonies were held from 10 am to 4 pm in the old Justice of the Peace room. 


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