Southern Diet, Marijuana Linked to Increased Stroke Risk, Studies Say

Separate studies have linked deep-fried foods and marijuana to an increased risk for having a stroke.

Southern diet linked to increased risk for stroke 

Did you know some people refer to the Southeast as the "stroke belt"? 

A new study finds there may be truth in that moniker, an Associated Press article reports. 

People whose diets are heavy on deep-fried foods and sugary drinks — we do love our sweet tea and Coca-Cola — were more likely to suffer a stroke. 

"We're talking about fried foods, french fries, hamburgers, processed meats, hot dogs," bacon, ham, liver, gizzards and sugary drinks, the reports quotes study leader Suzanne Judd of the University of Alabama in Birmingham as saying. 

Those who ate about six meals a week including those foods had a 41 percent higher stroke risk than people who ate that way about once a month, the federally-funded study found. And blacks were five times more likely than whites to have a diet linked with the highest stroke risk.

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Marijuana linked to increased risk for stroke 

Some bad news for marijuana users, according to Time magazine — researchers in New Zealand have found an increased risk of stroke among those who smoked marijuana compared to those who did not. 

The study included 160 patients ages 18 to 55 who had suffered a stroke connected to a blood clot in the brain, and who agreed to have their urine tested for marijuana within 72 hours of the stroke. Results were compared to those from 160 controls who had not had a stroke but visited a hospital for other reasons.

The report says the study, however, could not separate tobacco smokers from marijuana smokers because all but one of those testing positive for marijuana in their urine also showed signs of nicotine.

Adding a twist: Research published in the "American Heart Journal" said marijuana users who had heart attacks were no more likely to die than those those hadn’t smoked cannabis.

"Taken together, the findings highlight the still-confusing state of marijuana research," the report reads. 

Want a positive marijuana-related headline? How about "Pot compound seen as tool against cancer"? The report, posted by the San Francisco Chronicle in September 2012, says a compound found in marijuana appears to be a cancer-fighting agent. 

Know the signs of a stroke 

Whether or not you're indulging in deep-fried foods or smoking marijuana, or both, it might be helpful to know the signs of a stroke. Click here to check out an announcement posted by the Ad Council on the acronym FAST that can help you remember how to spot signs of a stroke. 

Cannabis Oil February 10, 2013 at 10:54 AM
Risk of increased stroke? If that was true, Cannabis would be sold over the counter in every grocery store and pharmacy. Too bad it's the exact opposite; the extract created from the plant flowers makes a wonderful medicine for stroke victims. This doesn't work for the depopulation agenda. Please do not believe these irresponsible journalists! Also, let's not call it the reefer madness word, marihuana. The "problem" with the cannabis plant is not only it's totally harmless to use in every form, but when the extracts are created (named cannabis oil or Rick Simpson oil, named after his extraction technique) you have the ultimate medicine at your disposal for every disease known to man, including all cancers. This is cure or control for every ailment. I must add that smoking it is even beneficial, but not recommended for serious diseases because the curative powers would be less apparent due to the small dosage of cannabinoids taken inside of you. Increasing the potency and dosage in the form of a highly concentrated, distilled, steamed off extract will greatly increase the chances of curing that disease. These claims are so easy to prove that some people dismiss the facts immediately. It cannot be that simple! All those scientists in the world don't know about this? We need to get the governments out of the way so Rick Simpson and Cannabis Science could finally prove the healing power of this wonderful plant to a larger audience. Please help us make this happen!
Kevin Sterling February 10, 2013 at 05:03 PM
It's amazing how flawed studies get so much press. Those who actually look at the study notice that all but one of the stroke victims were tobacco smokers as well, and note that tobacco smoking is a proven risk factor for stroke. More sophisticated readers notice that the claim of doubling stroke risk is based on voluntary urine testing and wonder if people who would test positive for THC metabolites that have suffered a stroke might be twice as inclined to consent to a test that proves that they've broken the law than people that haven't suffered a stroke. I haven't had a stroke. Do you want to test my urine? Get a court order.


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