Sheriff’s Department Beats the Heat and Builds Awareness

Sheriff's show off hot rods and teach the dangers of illegal street racing.

“Beat the Heat” auto show was held at the on June 25th and if you look closely you’ll discover the double meaning in the event’s title. The second part of the title is “Racing for Education” and there were members of the Sheriff’s department on hand to build awareness of the dangers of illegal street racing, drunk driving, and drug abuse. “Creating a partnership between law enforcement and the community” is what the nonprofit national organization is all about.

Unique to the Beat the Heat, Inc. is the unlikely use of a drag racing vehicle which looks exactly like a law enforcement car. It’s intent is to gain the attention of young drivers and educate them on the issues they’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis. Besides the above mentioned dangers, reckless driving, bullying and staying in school are also on the agenda. 

Sheriff’s departments across the country have the goal of reaching teen drivers before they make a careless decision that not only could change their lives, but the lives of their families forever.

Specifically, the Gwinnett County chapter of Beat the Heat promotes enhanced communication skills, the value and importance of choosing positive peer groups, an explanation of the dangers faced behind the wheel from other motorists, safety education that enhances driving skills, recognition of the dangerous impact of drug and alcohol abuse on driving, teaching effective ethics and responsible life skills, illustration of inherent dangers and consequences of street racing, reckless driving and disregard of traffic laws.


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