Lawrenceville Celebrates Mother’s Day

We went to Alexander Park to find moms and grandmas celebrating Mom's Day early.

Jump into the Way-Back Machine and set the dial for 1914. We stop at the United States Congress and find they have approved and designated the second Sunday in May to honor our mothers. Not only did Congress approve it, they required the President to issue a proclamation of the event. This proclamation, it turns out is both joyous and sorrowful. While most of the country honors and bestows gifts on our moms, some mothers use it to protest against wars in which they have lost a child. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

This Mother’s Day, most families will honor Mom through various methods. She’ll be showered with , , , a at a fine restaurant and will be given a day off from all the wonderful things she does so well to make our lives better. The shower of flowers actually began in 1912 when Anna Jarvis gave carnations to the mothers at her church.

Reset the Way-Back dial to today and you’ll find a commercialized United States that forecasts roughly $14 billion will be spent on that precious bearer of our children. 

love the holiday, because they will see their highest sales in May. Thank you, Mom. Our love Mother’s Day because it’s their busiest day of the year. Thank you, Mom, once more. 

The telephone services love Mom’s Day because their long distance business peaks on this day. Thank you, Mom, again. Card companies love Mom’s Day because roughly 96% of shoppers will purchase cards to tell Mom how much we love her. Did I hear, “Thank you, Mom?”

Retailers in general love Mom, because she causes the highest gift-giving day of the year second only to Christmas and even Uncle Sam’s Snail Mail Service hails the day with increased volume in and around Mother’s Day. All together now ~ Thank you, mom! We love you!

Karla M. Socci Somers May 08, 2011 at 12:35 AM
Beautiful portraits of so many wonderful Moms!!


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