Lauren Gunder's Special Graduation Moment

Lauren Gunder was born with brittle bone disease, but that hasn't stopped her from accomplishing her goals.

Lauren Gunder knew there would be limitations on her life, but it hasn't kept her from living.

On Friday, she received her college diploma from Georgia Gwinnett College.

Born with brittle bone disease and being legally blind, accomplishing such a goal was always going to be tough, but never impossible. She also uses the help of a wheelchair.

As a child growing up in Lawrenceville, she had to hone such beliefs about her future.

Specifically, she found confidence and inspiration in getting to play in the Miracle League, a Conyers-based nonprofit that makes it safe for children with disabilities like Lauren to play America's favorite pastime.

She was among the first children to play in the Miracle League, according to media reports.

In a past interview with HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel," the young Gunder explained how she's always loved baseball, but it seemed too dangerous. Her parents thought they would have to say no to everything.

Then, the Miracle League came along, and Gunder has become something of a poster child for the league. It gave her and other children like her the chance "to do something nobody thought they could ever do."

On May 17, she once again became an example to others that reaching your goals may be difficult, but they don't have to be impossible. 


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