Georgia Gwinnett College to Test Warning Siren Wednesday

The siren alerts students and residents in parts of Lawrenceville and Dacula of tornados and other potential dangers to the campus and nearby areas.

Students at and residents near Georgia Gwinnett College should not be alarmed if they hear a siren coming from the campus around lunchtime Wednesday.

GGC will be testing their emergency alert system starting at 11:30am Wednesday. Residents in parts of Lawrenceville and Dacula may hear the siren as well. The siren could sound several times during the test.

The college's warning siren was installed in 2011. It warns students and the nearby community of imminent, life-threatening danger including tornados, violent crime and hazardous materials on or near campus.

The emergency alert system also includes text messages, e-mail notifications and web notifications sent to GGC students and staff.

If there is a threat for severe weather Wednesday, the test will be postponed.

Click here to hear GGC's siren.

Dave Ballard March 06, 2013 at 06:17 AM
As densely populated as the area is, I would think warning sirens would be everywhere. I know this isn't Kansas, e.g., but not everyone is listening to weather radio or tuned into the Weather Channel every moment of every day. Thank you GGC for doing your part.


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