Elderly Man Shoved Off MARTA Train at Station: Video

An elderly man reportedly making inappropriate comments about women on a MARTA train was shoved off the train by another passenger.

A YouTube video shot by a MARTA passenger shows a man shoving an elderly man with a walker off a train at the East Lake station. Credit: Screenshot of YouTube video by videocoverage
A YouTube video shot by a MARTA passenger shows a man shoving an elderly man with a walker off a train at the East Lake station. Credit: Screenshot of YouTube video by videocoverage

YouTube video of an elderly man with a walker being shoved off a MARTA train at a stop has Atlantans hopping mad.

The incident happened at the East Lake station, says Atlanta In Town, and was captured by a passenger via cellphone, who shared the video on YouTube. Witnesses said the elderly man was making inappropriate comments to the female passengers around him, when a younger man grabbed the older man and pushed him out the doors at the station.

On the video you can hear a chorus of “No” from other riders on the train as the elderly man is forced out, with a woman saying, “Put him back on the train.” 

Witnesses told WSB TV that the video didn’t show the elderly man falling on the platform after he was removed from the train. Passengers told the station the older man was yelling the comments at female passengers.

The TV station says the incident happened June 7 on the Blue Line between the Kensington and Edgewood stations.

MARTA spokesman says the agency is investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact MARTA police.

The transit system is promoting its new code of conduct, called Ride With Respect. The program warns passengers not to bring pets on board, to keep music turned down, and bans people selling anything on buses, trains or stations. 

On YouTube, viewer Elizabeth Teagle commented, “Such a shame no one stuck up for this elderly man not in the right state of mind. Hard to watch- I hope they charge that ignorant man who assaults people on the MARTA.”

And Wendy Barge wrote, “Words are NOT ENOUGH to justify physical assault on someone! DISTURBING!”
whitney2 June 11, 2014 at 10:03 AM
I have listened to the video and I am not hearing what the elderly man is saying. We are only given a cell phone video of what is of nature restricted minutes / seconds prior to man being pushed of train. Restricted area, instead of video of the whole incident of everyone in that train compartment of all moments leading up to the inappropriate and possibly physical harm to an individual (obviously in addition he is handicapped) being pushed from a train. We are not given prior knowledge of what possibly could, was being said by others to possibly have caused the elderly man to have said something of others possibly concerning their conduct. Elderly have a unique way of saying what is on their minds to the younger generations (especially) if they feel they are out of line. Too much is missing from this video to make a judgment call. What is obvious, this was an inappropriate way that possibly was physically harmful to the elderly / handicapped man thrown off Marta. Either way, this was an act of aggression that was out of place and could have been / should have been handled differently and not threatening. . Possibly the actions of this younger man, the elderly man could bring charges. Then you have another younger youth a few seconds later to help push the man. Both younger men can be held accountable. Poorly handled and dangerous situation.
Elizabeth Elizabeth June 12, 2014 at 07:02 AM
Clearly people don't understand or have compassion for aging and all the behavioral difficulties that can happen when a person has Alzheimer's or a neurotically disturbance from a stroke. No matter what you believe words are just words and assault is assault.
Elizabeth Elizabeth June 12, 2014 at 07:03 AM
Neurological (not neurotic....autocorrect)
MessalineApghar June 17, 2014 at 01:26 AM
It's a no win situation If he did nothing, everyone would be screwing about onlookers allowing the old dude to harass women If he removes the guy from the situation, he's the bad guy for using physical force , and the old dude's collateral damage from falling down. Personally I think he should be seeking protection from prosecution under a "good samaritan" shield law


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