Tuning in for Teachable Moments

Primrose School of Five Forks, 3030 River Drive, Lawrenceville, GA  30044
Primrose School of Five Forks, 3030 River Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
As parents, we often get busy with the day-to-day chores of life. But, learning to set aside quality time to connect with your child is not only crucial for his development; it will benefit him for years to come. Keep in mind, when spending time with your child; it’s not necessary to follow a lesson plan. Oftentimes, everyday activities help to reinforce what your little one is learning in the classroom. 

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the love of learning.” says Dr. Gloria Julius, vice president of education at Primrose Schools. “By learning at home, your child is not only connecting with you, but research shows that it is also benefitting them academically and socially.” 

Becoming an active part of your child’s learning is simple; just start by embracing the moments you are already spending together. Here are five ways you can teach your child at home:

Observe. Take your child on a walk, exploring and discussing things you see along the way. Use this opportunity to teach children about their five senses by finding things to help demonstrate sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.
Read. Reading with children helps their language and intellectual development. Read stories out loud and act out the different characters. Ask questions while reading to help your little one comprehend the story and make connections between it and real life situations.

Create. Arts and crafts are not only fun, they can teach children important skills like identifying colors, following directions and thinking outside the box. Let your child combine paints together to create new colors or draw shapes for them to trace.

Calculate. Have your child help you around the house by counting or measuring items. Incorporate math lessons into your home by letting your child help you make a recipe. Have them follow the directions, measure out the different ingredients and eat the final product. 

Play. Games are a great way to incorporate fun into education. Playing games like Cranium Cariboo or Zingo teaches players about colors, shapes and words. Try having a family game night once a week so everyone can join in the fun and learning.

For more parenting tips from Primrose Schools, visit our 360 Parenting blog at PrimroseSchools.com/360Parenting.  To learn more about the Primrose School of Five Forks, visit our school campus at 3030 River Drive, www.PrimroseFiveForks.com or call 770.985.0028.
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