SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society, a division of Furkids, needs your donations and prayers for two very sick dogs.

Annie was found stray in someone's backyard, which is really unimaginable when you read about all of Annie's medical issues.  This little Jack Russell mix is about 9-10 yrs. old.  She is SKINNY, has FLEAS, has infected ears, worms, terrible teeth, a large bladder stone, and a terribly swollen rear leg.  What is amazing is that Annie is sweet and loving to complete strangers even though she is in a great deal of pain and discomfort.  Annie's vet bills will cost $2,000 or more.

Daisy Duke has been having issues urinating, so we conducted a urinalysis and found that she had urinary crystals, which is not terribly uncommon.  She immediately began taking antibiotics, prescription food and pain medicine to help clear up the crystals.  We then had an x-ray done which showed gall stones, a bulged Lumbar Spine Disc (not currently causing issues), a large bladder stone and pieces of stone fragments floating around her urethral opening from the bladder.  Daisy Duke went into emergency vet care and surgery is scheduled for today (June 30th) to remove the stones and fragments.  Emergency bills and her surgery will cost $1,200.

Please visit our website at http://furkids.org/2014/06/two-sick-dogs/ to read more about Annie and Daisy Duke and to make a donation towards their medical bills and care.


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