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New Year's Resolutions: Tips to organize the family and kids photos online safely

With advancements of mobile phone and sharing networks like Facebook, it's so easy to snap and post wonderful pictures of children to share their lives. However, there are a few key things to know in this day age to keep everyone happy and safe in the process. 

1. Be aware of the data your camera captures. Newer phones, in effort to be helpful (remember writing dates and locations on the back of photos?) embed the date and location of photos. This can be harmless. However, if you post this to public site, the wrong person may start to observe where your kids are and when, if it's a continuous activity. You can turn this feature off or consider what you post and where.  

2. Is it really cute? Judgement calls. Of course they are cute, but will they appreciate the fact that you posted that picture of them when they were young for everyone to see, and for years to come? It's hard to permanently delete items once posted on the Internet.  

3. Consider private photo sharing. Rather than post publicly, considering private groups to send the photos to from a group text message set up on our phone to free services including LifeCake, which allows for free private photo sharing with invited family and friends. In the case of LifeCake, you can also create and download a photo book. It's fancier than the photo album days of old and less intricate than a full-blown scrap booking party, but achieves the same thing - a lasting printed book of memories over a time in a child's life. www.lifecake.com  Family photos continue to be ranked a very prized possession. The way we take photos and how we save them may change, but their meaning doesn't.

For more safe online community and photo sharing tips for families, visit http://law.ga.gov/internet-safety

Authored by LifeCake CEO Nick Babaian 


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