Cancer care, prevention, detection

I want to introduce you to a new business in Lawrenceville just off the square. This family owned business has non radiating, no contact, no pain imaging for early detection of breast cancer. FDA and AMA approved thermal imaging can detect signs of breast cancer, heart disease, thyroid disorders, migraine causes, back pain problems, infertility and other medical issues and problems. Dr. Rebecca Paden is a Board Certified Naturopath and can help strengthen the immune system to help those who have cancer to better fight the disease. Dr. Paden has also studied all the alternative cancer treatments offered around the world and believes the best way to combat cancer is through educating the patient, improving the diet, lifestyle changes and immune support. Thermal imaging is safe, inexpensive and covered under some insurance plans. Total Thermal Imaging is located at 368 West Pike Street Suite 107 Lawrenceville 770-545-8590. Call for your no wait appointment in this caring office. 


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